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$750-$1100 (+ plan)

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$1150-$1895 (+ plan)

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Major Modification

$2000+ (+ plan)

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* Note: Your participation is encouraged and extremely important. You'll have an opportunity at each step of the modification process to give your comments or approval.

Sample Modifications

Minor Modifications Example

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Minor modifications affect building components and features such as doors, windows, bathtubs, materials, fireplaces, cabinets and appliances. Minor changes do not affect the footprint or size of the house.

  1. Garage: Change window to French doors.
  2. Garage: Remove door.
  3. Garage: Add door.
  4. Great Room: Remove fireplace.
  5. Dining: Change sliding doors to French doors with sidelites.
  6. Kitchen Island: Square off.
  7. Kitchen: Remove wall.
  8. Master Suite: Add double entry door.
  9. Master Suite: Add window.
  10. Extend Patio to left side of house.
minor home modification example

Medium Modifications Example

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Medium modifications include adding, moving, modifying, removing, or replacing a modest portion of the home that affects 350 sf or less. Included are changes made to single rooms and contained areas that alter the size and footprint of the house.

  1. Garage: Add 12 feet for workshop with windows, work bench & island.
  2. Garage: Change window to French doors.
  3. Garage: Remove door.
  4. Garage: Add door.
  5. Bath: Make larger with double sinks.
  6. Mechanical: Move into laundry room to allow for larger bathroom.
  7. Laundry: Flip room from left to right. Remove closet.
  8. Veranda: Remove railing and extend steps to the right.
  9. Kitchen: Remove wall.
  10. Kitchen: Add 45 degree angle to island.
  11. Master Suite: Add double entry door.
  12. Master Suite: Add window.
  13. Patio: Extend by 14 feet.
  14. Dining: Replace sliding door with French doors & sidelites.
  15. Siding: Change to shingles.

Major Modifications Example

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Major modifications include adding, moving, modifying, removing, or replacing a significant portion of the home that affects 350 sf or more. Included are changes made to the entire side of a house, adding and removing rooms, adjustments that affect multiple floors, and changes that significantly alter the size and footprint of the house.

  1. Garage: Extend for 3 car garage.
  2. Bath: Larger with shower and double sinks.
  3. Mechanical Room: Make larger by pushing into garage.
  4. Laundry: Make in to larger mud room with washer and dryer.
  5. Fireplace: Move to this location.
  6. Fireplace: Remove from this location.
  7. Veranda: Make deeper by 3'-4". Remove railings and make steps wider.
  8. Great Room: Flip location with kitchen.
  9. Great Room, Kitchen, Dining: Make wider by 2 feet.
  10. Kitchen: Flip location with great room.
  11. New Room: Add Oce at front of house.
  12. Bath & W.C.: Move to allow for office.
  13. Master Suite: Add window.
  14. Master Suite: Extend by 12'-4" to rear of house.
  15. New Great Room: Open up with French doors and windows.
  16. Patio: Expand around master suite.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do modifications cost for your house plans?

This is a great question. We will be happy to provide you a Free Modification Quote for any of our house plans. Since each plan is different and each modification request is unique, it is hard to give a price without knowing which plan you like and the changes you want to make to it. We can tell you the average cost of modifications, in addition to the cost of the Reproducible set or CAD set, is between $900 - $1500.

What modifications can you make to a house plan?

Most modifications are likely to be straightforward, and with a stock house plan you have the advantage of working from a drawing that is already proven. But even with modifications costing $1,000 or more, purchasing a stock house plan with modifications is still more economical than a custom-drawn plan, which include the designer's fees and may cost up to 10 percent of the total cost of the house. All stock house plans are modifiable. Here are some of the more commonly requested modifications that can be made to a stock house plan:

  • Eliminating windows, fireplaces, false dormers
  • Changing garages from a 2 to 3-car
  • Reconfiguring kitchen cabinets & appliances
  • Rearranging certain interior walls
  • Changing ceiling heights
  • Changing exterior surfaces (brick, siding, stucco)
  • Changing exterior wall framing (2x4 to 2x6)
  • Changing a foundation type
  • Changing a roof pitch
  • Relocating garage door openings / adding or eliminating bays
  • Changing garages from / to rear, front, or side-load
  • Changing a kitchen or bath layout
  • Changing an exterior elevation style
  • Adding or eliminating a room (this would involve changes to all aspects of a plan--elevations, floor plans, roof, foundation & sections)
  • Stretching house plans in either width or depth
  • Adding a bonus room over the garage
  • Reducing or increasing the square footage of the home
Can I make minor changes to the design and not have to change the house plan drawings?

Many of the changes you may want due to lifestyle preferences are probably modest, and often these can be done by your builder without modifying your plan at all. Changing the garage space or door location, changing interior walls, eliminating or changing windows, reconfiguring a kitchen--these are things, depending on where you live, that this kind of information.

If my local building codes require some major structural changes, will a stock plan still cost less than an original customized house plan?

Yes. If you're "lucky" enough to live in a place that has earthquakes, hurricanes, or floods, think of the structural modifications this way: Whatever modifications your local building codes require, the additional drawing time to account for these prerequisites will be the same, whether you commission an original house plan or modify a stock plan. The modifications are likely to be straightforward, and with a stock plan, you have the advantage of a drawing that's already been tested in the real world. But even with modifications $1,000 or more, purchasing a stock house plan is still more economical than a custom plan.

If I buy a set of plans from Houseplans, can I have them modified?

Yes. With the purchase of a Reproducible set or a CAD set, Houseplans Services Inc. can make the changes for you. You are also able to take either of these sets to a local professional to have changes made. To have Houseplans provide you with a Free quote to make changes, please click on "Modify This Plan" button on the plan detail page.

If I've already purchased my plan and then find out I have to modify it, can I avoid buying a new set of plans?

Yes. If your building department mandates changes to your house plan for your permit or if you discover something on your site that makes modifications unavoidable or for whatever reason you need to modify your drawings--after you've purchased your house plan--don't worry. You don't have to start over and buy a new set of complete house plans. We will give you a credit from your original stock plan purchase towards a reproducible set of the same house, if it's available, which you can have modified. With reproducible plan sets, you also receive a license that permits you to make up to 10 copies of your plan set to complete your house. So you don't have to start over, you can move forward. To determine the amount of the credit, please contact us at 1-800-913-2350.

What if the foundation option I'm looking for is not available with the house plan I want to buy?

You should call us so that we can verify whether it's available. Often, changing a foundation type is a very simple matter and can be done during construction without modifying the drawing. If your building department requires drawings that describe the exact foundation you are planning to use, Houseplans Services Inc can design your foundation. You also have the option of purchasing either the reproducible plan set or the CAD-file version (if available), and hire a local designer to make the changes for you.

Do you offer custom designed house plans?

Yes. You can build your own uniquely designed home with the expert help of Houseplans. Our custom home design service provides extraordinary possibilities, affordably. Save thousands of dollars on architect and design fees when you work with us to create a custom home design with a low, fixed price. Use our team of designers to create a custom home plan in only a few short weeks. We work with you through several design iterations to create your dream home and ensure that it has everything you're looking for. Once you finalize and approve the custom home plan then we provide the construction documents, blueprints, and plans you need to build your own home. Click here to learn more about our Custom Home Design Service.

Do you offer Additional Services?

Yes. In addition to ordering a Stock House Plan, Houseplans Services Inc., can provide the following services. To receive more information or a quote for these services, please give us a call at 1-800-913-2350.

  • County / City Research
  • Design Review Drawings
  • Site Plan
  • Energy Analysis
  • Title-24 Energy Calculations
  • *Structural Engineering
  • Systems Integration
  • Materials List
  • Plumbing Drawings (Isometric)
  • HVAC drawing
  • Plan Check Revisions
  • CAD file upgrade
  • California Service Package - * County / City research * Site Plan * Title 24 * Venting calculations & Details * Structural Review & Coordination
  • 3D Renderings
  • 3D Design Services
  • BIM (Building Information Modeling)

* Structural Engineering is provided and coordinated through our engineering partners. Houseplans LLC is not an engineering firm.

If a Material List is not available, can you create one?

Yes. If a material list is not available, please give us a call to receive a quote for a new material list. If you decide to have Houseplans create a material list, we have two lists available (Basic or Premium)

Basic Materials List
  • Framing Material
  • Hardware
  • Roofing
  • Siding
  • Decking
  • Insulation
  • Sheetrock
Premium Materials List
  • Foundation
  • Framing Material
  • Hardware
  • Roofing
  • Siding
  • Decking
  • Windows
  • Exterior/Interior Doors & Trim
  • Insulation
  • Sheetrock
  • Paint
  • Flooring
  • Cabinets
  • Appliances
  • Plumbing Fixtures
  • Bath Accessories

* Materials lists are estimates and not a guarantee of all the material needed for each project.

Other Design Services by Houseplans

Custom Home Design Custom Home Design

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3D Visualization and Design Image 3D Visualization and Design

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Structural Engineering Image Structural Engineering

Work with our engineering partners before construction.

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