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Better planning before you start construction helps you avoid costly errors and delays in the field. We can save you time and money by providing the key design services during your planning process.

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Design Services

Modification of Stock Plans

Customization of Stock Plans

Make Any House Plan Uniquely Yours

  • Use our Quote Form or Flash Customizer to adapt a house plan to your specific needs; for example, the illustration above shows how a home design was opened up with new doors and a shed dormer.
  • Speak with our experienced project managers to fine-tune your design.
  • Call to get a Free Quote.

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Custom Home Design

House Plans Custom Home Design

Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering

*Licensed Structural Design & Stamping

Structural integrity and design is critical to creating a safe building. We recommend that all of our clients work with a structural engineer prior to construction.

Houseplans has partnered with companies licensed throughout the U.S.A. and Canada to provide you structural engineering services. Call for more information and a free quote.

*Structural Engineering is provided and coordinated through our engineering partners. Houseplans LLC is not an engineering firm.

3D Visualization & Design

3D Visualization & Design

Stop Guessing. See Your House in 3D.


Most people have trouble reading 2D house plans. It's much easier to see things in 3D. Houseplans offers rendering and design services in 3D to help you make better decisions about your project. Whether you're changing the size of your house or changing its color we can help you see it before you build it.


Building information modeling is a system that we can use during customization and custom design. We build your house on the computer to understand its design & construction. The model is used to create construction drawings, renderings, and analysis of your house. Call to get more information and pricing.

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