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  • 19 Jocelyn Street
  • Dundalk
  • Co Louth, Ireland

Frank McGahon

“What we're trying to do is help clients make their dream homes a reality. People look at beautiful houses in magazines and on websites and imagine that they're out of reach. We strongly believe that that's not the case. Even on tighter budgets there are a lot more possibilities than people often realize and with the right design it is possible to achieve the house of your dreams.”

Frank McGahon is a fourth generation architect, following his great grandfather, grandfather and father into practicing architecture in the town of Dundalk, equidistant between Dublin and Belfast. After graduating from the School of Architecture, University College Dublin in 1989 he worked in London and Dublin before returning to work for his father in Dundalk in 1992, eventually taking over the practice and establishing McGahon Architects in 2001.

While the practice has a tradition and reputation extending back a century it has a forward-looking ethos and a reputation for high quality house design with a particular emphasis on maximizing light and space throughout the house, using the configuration of the house to form private, sunny, sheltered spaces for outdoor living and always considering the variety of ways in which people inhabit and use the house. The practice's house designs range from small to large, from stepped sites to flat and from tight urban lots to expansive rural sites holdings incorporating regional influences with crisp contemporary detailing.


Louth Local Authorities Design & Conservation Awards 2006: Winner, Best New House in a Town or Village

Plans by Frank McGahon

Signature European Front Elevation Plan #520-8 -
Plan 520-8 from $3900.00
3338 sq ft 4 bed 3 bath
2 story 62' wide 71' deep
Signature Modern Front Elevation Plan #520-4 -
Plan 520-4 from $1950.00
1705 sq ft 1 bed 1 bath
1 story 82' wide 31' deep
Signature Modern Front Elevation Plan #520-6 -
Plan 520-6 from $2700.00
2328 sq ft 3 bed 3 bath
1 story 88' wide 55' deep
Signature Contemporary Front Elevation Plan #520-3 -
Plan 520-3 from $4050.00
3543 sq ft 4 bed 4 bath
2 story 31' wide 80' deep
Signature Modern Front Elevation Plan #520-5 -
Plan 520-5 from $4700.00
4119 sq ft 3 bed 4 bath
2 story 90' wide 66' deep
Signature Modern Front Elevation Plan #520-1 -
Plan 520-1 from $3200.00
2713 sq ft 4 bed 3 bath
2 story 66' wide 52' deep
Signature Ranch Front Elevation Plan #520-9 -
Plan 520-9 from $2900.00
2479 sq ft 2 bed 3 bath
1 story 137' wide 62' deep
Signature Modern Front Elevation Plan #520-7 -
Plan 520-7 from $4900.00
4258 sq ft 3 bed 2 bath
1 story 129' wide 103' deep
Signature Exclusive Modern style Home designed by Frank McGahon
Plan 520-2 from $3250.00
2845 sq ft 4 bed 3.5 bath
0 story 57' wide 70' deep
Signature European Front Elevation Plan #520-10 -
Plan 520-10 from $4500.00
3904 sq ft 4 bed 2 bath
2 story 95' wide 74' deep
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