Michael Tranfo AIA

"For more than thirty years I have designed homes that are practical to build, visually appealing and that make sense to my clients and to the site. I believe that good design is not so much a gift as something one learns to do well over time."

Michael Tranfo is an award-winning architect who began his practice more than thirty years ago in Nome, Alaska. Michael lived in Alaska for ten years designing and building super-insulated homes on the shores of the Bering Sea where only the strongest and warmest buildings survive. During the depths of the Arctic winter with bitter temperatures and no daylight to build, he worked as a bush pilot.

Michael continued to design and build homes for the next three decades as a sole practitioner focusing primarily on high performance residential projects in cold climates, principally in Alaska, Washington State, and Vermont. Two of his homes in Vermont, an area with a rich architectural heritage, were selected as the Home of the Year. Other projects have ranged in scope from pro bono community use buildings to international projects in Nepal and Egypt. On sixteen of the more than forty completed projects, Michael was the lead framing and finish carpenter, experience which is reflected in his clear and practical building plans.

Michael Tranfo is a registered Architect in the State of Washington, a member of the American Institute of Architects and a LEED Accredited Professional, demonstrating a thorough understanding of green building practices and principals. For the past 18 years, Michael has maintained a busy practice on San Juan Island off Washington State's northwestern coast. His small practice continues to offer his clients personal attention, a full array of professional design services, and an uncommon set of design and building skills developed over many years.

Plans by Michael Tranfo AIA