Samuel Flores Flores

Samuel Flores Flores -
  • Av. Roosevelt. Edificio Roosevelt Center
  • Local 20
  • Punta del Este
  • (610) 597-5958

Samuel Flores Flores

Exponent of Organic architecture. Architect author of habitable sculptures.

Architect Samuel Flores Flores integrates a brief and selected list of Latin American architects distinguished by his authorship. His works combine the vital elements of integration with the environment, interior spaciousness, functionality, character and soul.

He is an exponent of Organic Architecture, and his designs reflect an intrinsic relationship and respect for its natural surroundings.

He is mentioned as an Author Architect of habitable sculptures. Before drawing his designs in plans, Samuel Flores Flores works intensively with models, evaluating if the building curves, the different levels and the use of natural lighting, achieve the objective and needs of the design.

His works can be quantified in more than 260 executed projects. Most of them are located in Buenos Aires, (capital City of Argentina), Montevideo (capital city of Uruguay) and Punta del Este, the top beach resort for the wealthy South Americans, located in Uruguay.

Architect Samuel Flores Flores works have been published in leading French, German, American, English, Argentine and Uruguayan newspapers, magazines, books, TV shows and radio.


Award Uruguay to the world 2012

Selected to exhibit “Las Grutas Tourist Resort” in the 14th International Architectural Exhibition in Venice, Italy June- November 2014

Pre-Selected to exhibit House “Torres Blancas” in MoMA, Museum of Modern Art New York in 2015

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Signature Contemporary Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #912-1
Plan 912-1 from $1345.00
2988 sq ft 5 bed 5 bath
2 story 50' 6" wide 68' 3" deep
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