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Southern Style House Plans, Floor Plans & Designs

Southern Style House Plans, Floor Plans & Designs

Seeking a sweet dose of Southern charm? Well, pull up a chair and come explore the collection of Southern house plans!* Southern home plans are usually built of wood or brick with pitched or gabled roofs that often have dormers. Southern style house plans incorporate classical features like columns, pediments, and shutters and some designs have elaborate porticoes and cornices. To make living in the humid climates of the South as comfortable as possible, Southern house plans make use of tall ceilings and large front porches to catch breezes. If you enjoy entertaining friends and guests, consider selecting a Southern style house plan that features an outdoor kitchen and/or fireplace. Regional variations of the Southern style include the Louisiana Creole and Low Country (South Carolina and vicinity) styles. If you find a home design that's almost perfect, but not quite, call 1-800-913-2350. Most of our house plans can be modified to fit your lot or unique needs.

*This collection may include a variety of plans from designers in the region, designs that have sold there, or ones that simply remind us of the area in their styling. Please note that some locations may require specific engineering and/or local code adoptions. Be sure to check with your contractor or local building authority to see what is required for your area.