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Francois Levy

Francois Levy -

Francois Levy

"I design homes for people living lightly on the earth, sustainably and in beauty."

Francois Levy designs buildings that capture the imagination, express regional beauty and a sense of place. His projects reflect their cultural and geographical context, and are accessible and comprehensible to the user rather than obeying a preconceived architectural agenda. Levy is particularly passionate about creating projects that eloquently express how we use and conserve energy and water, and inhabit their site. All his work - whether in architecture, teaching or research - investigates the intersection of design, technology, and sustainability. His architectural projects have attracted regional and national press, including features on HGTV and in magazines such as Dwell, This Old House and Natural Home.

Levy holds a BA in classics and philosophy from St John's College in Santa Fe, and two Masters degrees from The University of Texas at Austin, one in Architecture and the other in Engineering. He has taught digital design and environmental controls courses at UT Austin, UT San Antonio, and St. Edward's University. Levy has presented and lectured widely on CAD and BIM (building information modeling). He is the author of BIM in Small-Scale Sustainable Design (pictured below), published by Wiley. His current areas of research interest are sustainable architecture, BIM, cooling through passive ventilation, and space architecture, on which he has presented at international aerospace conferences.

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Plan #

Total sq/ft

Width (Feet)

Depth (Feet)

Signature Cottage Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #450-1

Plan 450-1

from $975.00

1492 sq ft

2 story

3 bed

34' wide

2.5 bath

32' deep

Signature Modern Exterior - Other Elevation Plan #450-3

Plan 450-3

from $395.00

432 sq ft

1 story

1 bed

48' wide

1 bath

12' deep

Signature Modern Photo Plan #450-4

Plan 450-4

from $1190.00

1616 sq ft

1 story

3 bed

40' wide

2 bath

70' deep

Signature Farmhouse modern designed home, front elevation

Plan 450-2

from $795.00

1157 sq ft

2 story

1 bed

21' wide

1 bath

42' deep

Signature Modern Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #450-5

Plan 450-5

from $1150.00

1693 sq ft

2 story

3 bed

30' wide

2.5 bath

55' deep

Signature Modern Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #450-6

Plan 450-6

from $1350.00

2111 sq ft

2 story

3 bed

20' 8" wide

2.5 bath

72' deep

Modern Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #450-8

Plan 450-8

from $295.00

267 sq ft

1 story

1 bed

12' wide

1 bath

18' deep