6 Ideas for Amazing Curb Appeal

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Planning to build your own house? Whether you’re looking to build a simple farmhouse with flare or a majestic mansion, here are six ideas on how to make your new home the most beautiful abode on the block!

1) Rustic elements – Adding exterior stone and/or wood accents can generate warmth, charm, and character, especially if your home is a sleek modern farmhouse or a monochrome shed-roof design.

Buckingham Limestone

Buckingham Limestone

2) Cool windows – Large and/or uniquely-shaped windows catch people’s eyes. They also help draw attention inside the home where interior features such as an open-concept design, a large kitchen island, chic countertops, or fancy furniture can be admired.

Aeris Picture & Casement Windows

Aeris Picture & Casement Windows

3) Splashes of color – Painting your entire house bright orange, yellow, or pink might be a little jarring. However, painting your front door or some other small section of your house with a bold color can add spice and excitement to a minimalist exterior design. Just think: if you’re building a home on the beach, a stunning turquoise front door might perfectly complement your tropical lot.

4) Outdoor living – A front-facing wraparound porch, veranda, lanai, or balcony creates a sense of welcome, as if to say: “Come on over and hang out with us!”

5) Hot styles – select a house plan that boasts an especially popular style. Modern farmhouses (especially those with barn inspiration) are super-trendy right now.

6) Be a good neighbor – Curb appeal is like fashion. It’s all about standing out but fitting in. You want your home to be the most beautiful and interesting property on the street, but you don’t want it to be so unusual (relative to your neighbors) that it stands out in a bad way. Therefore, look around the neighborhood, research the area, and be sure to check-in with your HOA, assuming one exists, before finalizing any design plans.

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