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7 Reasons to Choose a Barndominium Plan

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Barndominiums are red hot right now. While the term barndominium used to refer to a rustic, repurposed building (often a metal one), today it’s often used to describe any home with the barn-like look. Below are seven reasons why people can't get enough of this trendy house style. As always, check with your local building authority, HOA (if applicable), and builder to see what’s allowed in your area.

  • Get a house and a shop all in one
    Most barndominiums offer a huge garage which can act as a shop. If you work from home, or you're a mechanic (or a wannabe mechanic/car enthusiast), having your own space in which to play with and fix up all your toys can be very rewarding. What’s more, you don’t have to use the shop for car stuff. Get creative. A shop could potentially be transformed into your own personal gym, a place for music, an art gallery, or something else. Barndominium - ProVia

    Barndominium - ProVia

  • Have an RV?
    Need a place to store it? How about a jet ski? Barndominiums often feature an RV garage bay, and space for multiple vehicles, which is pretty rad, especially if large gadgets and gizmos are your thing.
  • Bask in the glory of a wrap-around porch
    A wrap-around porch is another common feature of a barndominium. Wrap-around porches are awesome for a variety of reasons, most notably outdoor living and curb appeal. Given how huge a barndominium’s garage tends to be, a wrap-around porch can help draw the eye away from the garage so your focus stays with the front of the house, making your house feel more like a home instead of a commercial building.
  • Indulge in rustic design elements
    You'll often notice warm, rustic Craftsman-style accents on barndominium exteriors. For example, a barndominium might present a wrap-around porch that’s supported by wood posts and columns with stone (see ones we like at ProVia). If you’d like to bring the rustic accents inside, consider installing a stone fireplace and making it the focal point of your family room. Beamed ceilings are another option. And, for an especially cool look, consider a barndominium that boasts vaulted beamed ceilings Country-Style Home - ProVia

    Country-Style Home - ProVia

  • Enjoy easy entertaining
    Open-concept interiors are popular across just about every style right now, and barndominiums are no exception. Why? For one, open floor plans allow for easy entertaining – whoever the chef of the house is doesn’t get exiled to the kitchen. Instead the kitchen is open to the main living space so everyone stays connected. What’s more, open layouts often make a smaller home feel bigger and airier than it actually is.
  • Show off your personal style with a chic exterior color
    Barndominium plans typically sport siding in one of three colors: white (or off-white/light gray), red, or black (get color ideas for siding from ProVia). White is always a nice choice - it's clean, beautiful, and it usually goes well with most neighborhoods. What's more, if you're working with a smaller barndominium, white can make the home look and feel larger than a darker paint color. It can also help your barndominium look and feel more like a typical farmhouse (which are often white). But red is also a fun choice. If you're seeking something richer, warmer, and more barn-like than white, go with red. And for an extra chic, modern look, go bold with black!
  • Create cool curb appeal with a metal roof
    Since barndos are more contemporary designs, they often feature a more modern, metal roof, which can give your home an especially sleek look.

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