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Make Your Home Live Bigger

Outdoor rooms can add value, beauty and living space

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It’s easier than ever to blend inside and outside living spaces by including multi-panel sliding glass and hinged patio doors to ease the transition from one space to another.

Today’s homeowners desire to create spaces in their homes for relaxation, entertaining, and making connections. More than ever, they want to include an outdoor oasis that is just as inviting and comfortable as their indoor gathering spots. Outdoor living spaces are becoming as luxurious and well-equipped as their indoor counterparts, expanding a home’s living area without the expense of full-scale room additions.

Decks and patios can be accessorized to complement the style and décor of the home so that they are simply extensions of the existing living area, giving the home a pulled-together look. To add warmth and beauty to any outdoor space, manufactured stone veneer can be used as a design element, adding value as well. Remodeling magazine’s most recent cost vs. value report ranked manufactured stone #2 overall for generating return on investment. Fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, grills and even water features lend ambiance, and structures like pergolas and canopies can be added to further define the space as an outdoor room.

There are many types of patio doors available to homeowners. Sliding doors or hinged doors are among the most common, along with French doors. All are available in a variety of materials with options for full-view or divided light panels, and all provide for easy passage between living areas. Options for styles and finishes are offered so that the doors can enhance the beauty and architectural style of any home. And because energy efficiency is always a consideration, today’s patio doors are manufactured with this in mind. If privacy is also a concern, internal blinds are available as well.

You can find lots of great ideas for your home by using one of the online design tools offered by ProVia.

Patio Door Designs

Manufactured stone veneer adds warmth and rustic charm to this luxurious outdoor living space.
The full-view patio door lends light and the illusion of space to this kitchen. When the door is open, the kitchen and patio become as one room.
This French-style patio door promises access to the lovely outdoor room beyond.

A combination of wood, stone and full-view patio doors makes this indoor-outdoor living area a spacious retreat.

The warmth and beauty of a stone wall enhances a simple outdoor cooking area.
The contemporary look of this outdoor living room is achieved with dark-framed windows and patio doors, paired with light-colored wood and stone.
Even on a rainy evening, this outdoor oasis is a great place to gather and relax.
Easy passage to the outdoor patio expands the living area of this modern home.