Make Your Entryway Lighter, Brighter and More Inviting

Consider the benefits of installing a storm door.

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ProVia Storm Door over Signet Entry Door

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Some days are just perfect for opening all the doors in the house and letting the sunshine and breeze come right in. And some days it’s better to have everything closed up tight against the weather. A storm door can be a beautiful and practical way to do both – to let light and air into your entryway or to keep out rain, snow, or even unwanted bugs. Here are some real advantages to consider when you’re choosing a storm door for your new home:

• Let in More Natural Light: With your entry door closed, your hallway or foyer can be dark. A storm door makes it possible to leave your entry door open, allowing for more light and a more welcoming appearance. Storm doors are available with a variety of glass options so you can choose the amount of natural light that best suits your home.

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• Improve Ventilation and Save Energy: Storm doors are available with many types of screens. Some are retractable, some are interchangeable with the door glass, and some are stationary -- all make it possible for you to allow for the flow of fresh air without the worry of attracting pests. Storm doors that are made of metal can contain insulation and will provide an extra layer of insulation from the summer heat and winter cold.

• Protect Your Entry Door: You’ve taken a long time to choose the perfect entry door for your new home. It’s a big investment, and it says a lot about your style. You’ll want to keep your entry door looking beautiful for a long, long time. A storm door can help protect your entry door from the weather, lowering maintenance costs and helping it to look newer, longer.

• Add Style and Curb Appeal: Your entryway contributes much to your home’s curb appeal. Storm doors can be customized to complement the color and style of your new home. They are available in a wide variety of styles and colors, with many options for door glass, including specially designed custom art glass.

Duraguard Screen Storm Door by ProVia

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• Pamper Your Pets: With the added option of a pet door in your new storm door, you can provide a way for your dog to be free to go in and out of the house. Pet doors can be installed in the kick panel in the lower portion of the storm door, and feature a solid aluminum frame with a soft single flap in the middle that provides a tight weather seal. A metal cover can be locked for those times when you want to keep your pet indoors.

If you think a storm door would be right for your home, you can be sure to find the one that best suits your style, privacy preferences, and budget, and makes your home lighter, brighter, and more inviting. You can find some great info and ideas in ProVia’s Storm Door Catalog.