Plan Modification FAQs

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Plan Modification FAQs

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What is a modification?
Why should I order modifications through Houseplans?
How much do modifications cost for your house plans?
Why do modifications cost more than the original plan?
How long do modifications take?
Can I make minor changes to the design and not have to change the house plan drawings?
If my local building codes require some major structural changes, will a stock plan still cost less than an original customized house plan?
Do I need to purchase my plan before having modifications made?
If I've already purchased my plan in a non-modifiable format (5-set or 8-set) and then find out I have to modify it, can I avoid buying a new set of plans?
What if the foundation option I'm looking for is not available with the house plan I want to buy?
Do you offer custom designed house plans?
Do you offer Additional Services?
If a Material List is not available, can you create one?
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