Houseplans Acquires BO.LT

BO.LT’s Web Saving and Sharing Technology to Allow Houseplans's Users to Build Shareable Online Collections of Plans and Materials Related to Design Projects

Petaluma, CA, October 30, 2013 – Houseplans, the largest online database of ready-made house blueprints, today announced it acquired BO.LT, a technology that provides a simple way for people to collect content from around the Internet and share it easily with others.

According to Houseplans CEO Jamie Roche, BO.LT’s technology will be integrated into Houseplans, allowing the site’s users to crowdsource aspects of home design, reducing their overall design costs and making decisions related to major home projects simpler and more fun.

“Our mission with Houseplans is to leverage technology to bring architecture to everyone,” said Roche. “Our database of nearly 40,000 blueprints means those building or remodeling a home can incorporate amazing home design from top architects when designing from scratch is not in the budget.”

When the BO.LT integration is complete, home owners and builders will be able to create virtual “dream books” to store architectural plans, inspirational images, product ideas and building documents in one simple, easily organized and shared place.

“Everyone who builds or rebuilds a house keeps a folder with magazine pages and images of houses, rooms, appliances and furnishings that they like,” said Roche. “We want to replicate that process online, and allow easy sharing among homeowners, architects, designers and builders. If someone researches the best fixtures for a bungalow home, for example, others can easily reap the benefits of all that work without replicating it themselves.”

Roche co-founded BO.LT in 2010, two years before he was tapped to become Houseplans CEO. The platform was a Pinterest competitor that differentiated itself by storing personal copies of useful web pages. It was used, like Pinterest, to collect inspirational images, but it also saved non-visual content in simple, easy-to-share collections. Backed by Benchmark Capital and other investors, BO.LT attracted nearly 100,000 consumer and business users who saved and shared millions of web pages. !

About Houseplans

Founded in 2004, Houseplans is the largest online database of ready-made house blueprints for buyers who are ready to start building. Houseplans features every possible architectural style and design, each that has met the discerning standards of world-class architects to make the building process as smooth and cost-efficient as possible.

With Houseplans, customers can search the largest inventory of home and floor plans available for purchase on the market today to begin the process of building their home tomorrow. The inventory, which can be searched with options like size, shape, lot characteristics or cost, features virtually any style, from adobe and Victorian to Colonial, French country, Prairie or Southern.