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Holiday Floral Tabletop Ideas

Holiday Floral Tabletop Ideas
Get stylish tabletop tips.

From Flora Grubb, of Flora Grubb Gardens, and from Sunset magazine

First, from Flora Grubb:

"We thought it might be fun to collect some favorite photos from Cutting Garden weddings to provide some inspiration for your holiday décor, from table to tree. Take a look below and find some outside-the-box ideas for decorating this Christmas.

Foraging for mossy branches is such a fun winter family activity; look for minty green lichen with hints of golden orange for color. You can glue or wire succulent cuttings or tillandsia air plants onto your branches and lay them down the center of a long table for a living conversation piece that will last for weeks. Just give it a nice mist of water every few days to keep it looking happy. Floral wire (sometimes called bindwire) is a good tool for attaching the plants to your branches. For succulent cuttings without stems, you can always just use a hot glue gun! It won’t hurt the plant; just peel off the scarred area when you’re ready to plant the succulent again in your garden.

For a long table, it’s fun to play with the shape of your arrangement. We made a kind of double-sided cornucopia here with a block of floral foam wrapped with burlap. The look of flowers spilling out both sides was festive and warm.

If you’re going for a rustic look, scour ebay or flea markets for centerpiece containers. If you search “cheese crate” you can find little boxes like these imprinted with old lettering. Fill the little box with a few party-size plastic cups to hold your water; use scotch tape in a grid over the mouth of each up to make a homemade floral “frog” for arranging your stems. You can include succulent cuttings from your garden (pierced with wire to give them a “stem”) in among the fresh flowers, then give them away to guests, who can plant them in their own gardens once the other flowers have faded."

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From Debra Prinzing in Sunset Magazine:

For this Western take on a holiday standby, bend three pliable curly willow tips into a circle and wire the ends together. Weave two more willow tips through them, then wire all twigs together in several places. Tuck in eucalyptus clippings and tillandsias. Set on a table, or wire everything into place and hang.

Tip: Place tillandsias so they hide the wreath’s wire.
Design: Amoreena Herbage of Seattle's Midnight Blossom floral shop (

From Jess Chamberlain in Sunset Magazine:

Show off a vibrant mix of berries, seeded eucalyptus, and flowers in a pedestal bowl. When arranging, think triangles: Start by sticking three of the heavier branches into the bowl at an angle and evenly spacing them, then continue layering branches within this frame, turning the bowl as you work and interspersing smaller sprigs for balance. We used blackberry cuttings, grape hyacinth (Muscari), nandina berries and leaves,  red viburnum, [urplishViburnum tinus, and seeded eucalyptusAnchor heavier branches by loosely tying together their stem ends with a piece of twine.

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