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Online Room Visualizers

Online Room Visualizers
Use the photos from our house plans to begin the interior design
Online tools for visualizing how the rooms in your new home could look with different colors and patterns are improving. Furniture websites like IKEA and Pottery Barn all seem to have ways for you to position their products in typical room settings, though some are more complicated, less realistic, and slower to load than others. I found two websites with particularly helpful and easy to use tools. Benjamin Moore has developed a "Personal Color Viewer" that lets you upload your own room photos and then paint the walls, quite

accurately, with a limited palette of their colors. I tried it with a photo from our Plan 888-17, shown at the top of this post and here. The process can be quite addictive because once you have used their special "Magic Brush" and "Clean Up Tool," a simple click lets you change the wall color to another one in their pre-selected palette shown to the right of the room photo.

To view a large collection of House Plans With Photos that you can upload into the Benjamin Moore Personal Color Viewer, click here. Of course you can also upload your own photos.

The other tool I found especially easy is the Tile Visualizer from, a maker of artistic cement tile. This tool was just introduced on the Cletile website last month.

It's very simple and streamlined and shows off the company's elegant tiles extremely well. There are several set room vignettes -- bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and living -- where you can cover walls and floors with 

different tile patterns. You just click on the paintbrush icon on floor and wall. This tool is is also quite addictive. It's fun to see what your tolerance for pattern is by making different combinations -- some are subdued but many are vividly geometric, as these two images show. The red pattern is Hex Clip Mocha/Barn, 330 x 203 mm; the wave pattern is Rio Belize/White, 406 mm square.

For a collection of Plans with photos of kitchens and bathrooms that you can upload click here.

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