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Small Bath with Steam Shower

Small Bath with Steam Shower
Glass shower and bright surfaces make this bathroom a place to l
Master Bathroom Update

There was a tub in the old bathroom that took up a lot of space and never got used because it used too much water. The client still wanted a relaxing bathroom to linger in. I suggested a steam shower for 2 that I thought they would use much more than a tub. One end has a folding teak shower seat, that is the end with the fixed shower head, the other end is the end where you can sit and relax. They use it every day.

The field tile is an inexpensive but unusual shaped tile, but the accents are recycled glass tile made by BEDROCK INDUSTRIES in Seattle. Bedrock recycles old car windows and bottles into glass tiles which are beautiful. The new bathroom modernizes an 80's house, and updates the way the bathroom is used.

The vanity counter with under-mounted sinks is Caesarstone, for an uncluttered look and easy maintenance. Tucker English Photography

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