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A Home Designed like an Audi Sportscar

A Home Designed like an Audi Sportscar
The latest design by Arch L. A. B. is modern, streamlined, and s
Arch L. A. B., based in Vilnius, Lithuania, is part of our Signature Studio. Their latest design is Plan 552-5 shown above (street view). The modern 3 bedroom 2 bath design is as sleek as the Audi parked out front. The rear view is shown below.
The long low profile puts the great room at one end and the bedrooms at the other.

Entry is along the walkway under the front overhang; a handy utility room/pantry is beside the foyer. The generous dining porch off the great room overlooks the back yard and promotes easy indoor-outdoor living. There's also a sheltered walkway along this side of the house. It's a very cool home!

Arch L. A. B. is developed other exciting designs, not represented on, such as this house in Valakampiai.

For this family residence in Norway, the team used a cantilevered roof to shade the terrace and make the 

house appear to soar into the sky.

In their "Single family House V14" they provide an extensive viewing deck above the pool. Rectangular

geometry dominates -- house and lap pool are parallel, and become visual complements: one solid the other liquid. I can see a temptation to jump off the balcony and into the pool -- I trust the water is deep enough!

The DNA of several great Modernist architects is apparent in these designs and I asked Paulius, of Arch L. A. B. to list their architectural heroes:

"Architects that inspire our work : Frank Lloyd Wright, Mies van der Rohe, Louis Kahn, Paul Rudolph." 
Favorite buildings: Wright's Fallingwater; Rudolphs's Milam house, Mies' Farnsworth house, and Kahn's Fisher House. I've selected old buildings as examples because time is the best indicator for architecture. Buildings which pass the test of time and still attracts people should be the main goal of every architect."

It is wonderful to see how Modern architecture continues to evolve.

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A Home Designed like an Audi Sportscar Inspiration

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