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A House-Within-The-House

A House-Within-The-House
This ranch house by Nicholas Lee includes extra space for in-law
A growing trend in home building is making room for adult children or aging parents -- i.e. giving them the extra space and privacy that they might need. A new design by architect Nicholas Lee --  Plan 888-11 -- front view shown above, does this by including what we are calling a "house-within-the-house."

Here's the back view of the expansive 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath ranch house.

The layout is mostly all on one floor.

The in-law or guest suite is over the garage and includes a living area and a small U-shaped kitchen with room for a table at the center. There's even a small laundry.

Another approach would be to place the in-law unit on the ground floor -- to avoid stairs.

Architects Carrie Shores and Joshua Larson have gone a step farther and developed a series of what they call their "Inspired In-law Cottages" -- separate structures where accessibility is built in -- with hand rails, wheel-in showers, and ramp to the deck, as shown here in Plan 507-1:

The carefully worked out 3-room plans allow for independent living.

This structure could be built in your backyard or as an extension to your existing house.

A House-Within-The-House Inspiration

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