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The Perfect Kids' Bedroom

The Perfect Kids' Bedroom
Built-in bunk beds add style and character.
When you build a new home and push (the wish list) comes to shove (the budget), the house usually gets smaller. But how small is too small and what room sizes feel best? This article takes a quick glance at the “minimum" and “ideal" sizes for kid’s bedrooms. With a big budget and a skilled design team, it is possible to detail a very small room so that it not only works, but becomes a prized home feature. But for most projects, sticking within safe size guidelines produces better results.

Just for fun, we started by searching the Internet for “perfect” kid’s bedrooms photos. The photo above was found on Pinterest.

Built to the smallest workable dimensions the bunk room measures a closet-like 10’x9’. The entry door nearly hits the small dresser. the dresser creates a slightly cramped feel for the lower bunk and the space at the end of the bunk bed is a little tight for a chair. Without high ceilings and wood paneling or wainscoting, this room may feel more like a cell.

Consider adding two feet to the long dimension and one to the shorter to make a comfortable, 12’x11’ bedroom.

A small window and a child-size garden bench opens up the room. The extra depth allows a comfortable reading chair to fit next to the beds for bedtime stories.

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