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Tiny Vintage Trailer Home in Texas

Tiny Vintage Trailer Home in Texas
A vintage trailer delivers small living.

[Editor's Note: Photographer and staffer Courtney Pittman and her husband Brendan took a getaway trip to Marfa, Texas recently so I asked her to describe her living accommodations. It turns out to have been a version of "Tiny House Living." Here's her report, with her own dazzling and evocative photographs. Thanks, Courtney!]

The “Vagabond” Trailer

The trailer we stayed in was called the "Vagabond" and it was a bright pink color. The site says it is 32 feet in length. It featured a built-in queen sized bed in the very back of the trailer. All that could fit in that room was the bed and a little bit of walk space to the door and screen door that opened up to the private outdoor shower. The outdoor shower was covered with a heavy cloth-like material. 
There was also a bright green bathroom inside the trailer as well that had a toilet and a shower. It was so small so I could not get a good pic of it. The kitchen was in between the living/dining area and the bedroom.

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The Kitchen

It had a tiny fridge, sink, and little pink stove. It surprisingly had pretty good counter space considering the size of the trailer. The window above the sink helped make it seem more open and bigger than it actually was.

The Living Room

The living room had a built in wood sitting area with some pads and pillows on top of it. I thought that was a great way to make more space and it was actually very comfortable. Also in the living area was a small table with two chairs for eating/working. The decor of the trailer was very simple, clean, with some southwestern and modern touches. I like how they through in splashes of color, like the red lights on the walls for example (also another great space saver).

Outdoor Living in the Desert

The weather in the desert gets cool at night, so outdoor living spaces are a must, it's too beautiful not to have any! The trailer did have ac/heat but it was so nice at night that we slept with the ac off and had the doors and windows open so we could feel the fresh air through the screens. The front door to the trailer had a sliding screen door which we used most of the time. It led to the modern cedar deck. The deck was quite big and we spent most of our time relaxing on it and gazing out at the West Texas desert.

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