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5 Most Likely Home Features for 2015

5 Most Likely Home Features for 2015
Walk-in closets are most likely to be included in new homes buil
At the International Home Builders show in Las Vegas last week Rose Quint, Assistant Vice President for Survey Research at the National Association of Home Builders, presented the findings from NAHB's recent survey of home builders listing the top features they are most likely to include in a typical new single family home in 2015:

1. At the top of the list of features is a w
alk-in closet in the master bedroom. 

The sliding barn door opens to a spacious master closet in Plan 48-642.

2. A laundry room -- a separate space that can be closed off, as shown here in Plan 132-221.

As Rose Quint remarked at the presentation of the survey findings: "Home buyers are tired of walking over their dirty laundry."

3.  Low-e windows.

4. Great room kitchen-family room.

The kitchen is at one end, living at the other, as shown here in Plan 48-625.

5. Energy Star appliances.

Additional features that builders report will most likely be in new homes this year include 9-foot ceilings and programmable thermostats.

The least likely features for new homes include high-end outdoor kitchens with plumbing and appliances and two-story foyers and family rooms. “Consumers don’t like them anymore, so builders aren’t going to build them,” Quint said.

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