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Cool House Plans with Mudrooms

Cool House Plans with Mudrooms
Mudrooms give you storage and so much more, especially in the wi
Winter is a messy time for households. Muddy boots, heavy coats, and armfuls of cold-weather accessories like hats and umbrellas can easily clutter up a foyer. That's where house plans with mudrooms come in, like plan 928-13 above.

What's a mudroom? Today, it's a transitional zone that sits between the garage and the rest of the home (or simply by a back or side entrance in a home without a garage) and functions as a kind of informal greeting area. Storage becomes vitally important to the functionality of a mudroom. Plan 929-855 above makes it easy for kids to hang up backpacks on the way inside. 

Mudrooms aren't always labeled on a plan (though it certainly is for plan 51-575, above). Just look at where the garage joins the home, or near the back entrance: is there a closet? A small office? How about lockers or cubbies? If so, you've got your mudroom.

At a minimum, you're going to want somewhere to hang coats (either hooks or a full coat closet) and a place to stash shoes. Plan 48-572 (above) keeps it simple with a bench and hooks.

What about laundry rooms? While in the past the transition area into the home generally held the washer and dryer, many of today's popular plans move the laundry room to an area slightly separate from the mudroom. That makes it less of an eyesore (especially when coming home - who wants to be greeted by a pile of unwashed clothing after a long day at work?) and also allows more room for each space.

Plan 920-96 provides a very spacious laundry room that sits a few steps away from the mudroom, so you can throw in a load of towels and keep it all separate from coats and boots.

Plan 48-625 displays a similar layout, but also adds in a sewing zone with a window letting in plenty of natural light. Wouldn't this make a cheerful craft room, too?

Another thoughtful feature in a mudroom is a bathroom for guests to use. Plan 935-5 puts a full one near the garage entrance, where it also serves as the bathroom for the guest bedroom.

Mudrooms also add organization to homes with open floor plans, since fewer walls typically means fewer places to put closets and shelves. When your hidden areas are limited, they become extra important for storage. Plan 901-136 provides a variety of built-in storage solutions throughout the home, including the office's bookcase and a pantry in the hallway.

Speaking of grocery storage, you're going to want some, and ideally within a few steps of the mudroom. Plan 927-981 places a walk-in pantry between the kitchen and the mudroom, so you won't have to walk far with an armful of bags.

For pet owners, a mudroom makes a great launching spot for a walk, or at the very least for leash storage. The mudroom in Plan 927-982 features a door to the front porch, so you can grab a leash and go for a walk with your furry friend without having to leave through the front door.

A mudroom presents a fun, informal space where you can experiment with decorating. Get creative! Plan 895-29 (above) also provides a cute version of a bench, making it easy to sit down and remove shoes.

From luxury home plans to affordable tiny homes, any size of home can benefit form a well-organized mudroom. Home design plans with photos can help give you an idea of the possibilities. 

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