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Cool Modern House Plans for Narrow Lots

Cool Modern House Plans for Narrow Lots
A small, narrow plan can have big curb appeal, like plan 80-218.
What's a home-makeover show addict to do when faced with the realities of building a home?

On television, it all seems so easy, especially the tearing down of walls and rearranging of layouts. Not every aspect of building your dream home is glamorous, though. Hiring a builder, determining your budget, and finding a suitable lot rank high on the to-do list. And once you've found your lot, you need a floor plan that fits the space. Especially in a crowded city, that can mean working within slim dimensions.

It's a challenge, but completely doable. That's because many of today's cool house plans are also perfectly suited for building on a small lot.

Check out design 909-2 (above). Just 28 feet wide, it'll fit on a tight lot with ease. The first thing you notice is the bold front elevation with a variety of colors, textures, and window shapes. It's all quite simple, really - no faux dormers or overly complicated roof lines - yet completely engaging. Inside, you'll find 1,682 square feet of living space arranged in an open-concept layout that encourages mingling at the kitchen's generous snack bar.

What if your narrow lot requires a basement foundation? This is actually a great situation, since a basement allows you to expand below. Plan 909-6 handles this nicely, with two of the three bedrooms in the basement, where a flexible family room can become a fun hangout. On the outside, the sloping roof plane announces the home's modern style, and lots of glass lets the whole elevation feel light and airy.

You can still have a garage on a narrow lot, as design 64-185 proves. The 21-foot width provides just enough space for a two cars to park, plus a small storage space inside. But just because it's narrow don't think the living areas are skimpy. On the contrary, you'll find 2,690 square feet devoted to four bedrooms, an open kitchen, a living room, and even a generous family room upstairs. 

Warm tones tend to pop on modern exteriors, which is why you'll find a lot of wood and other earthy shades. Plan 909-1 shows just how rich and inviting that color scheme can feel. Note the small deck on the upper level: a smart way to add outdoor living on a tight lot that may not have a lot of space for a backyard. This design also features a flexible studio on the main level, where it can act as a home office or craft space.

Sometimes you don't need color at all. consider the sophisticated effect of this neutral palette suggested on plan 25-4415. Again, a second-level deck adds precious outdoor living space, and tons of glass keeps the overall look light. Dark windows feel very now.

Here's another example of smart planning providing outdoor space on the lot. Plan 497-58 builds above the carport to create a deck, which can be accessed from the upper-level family room for relaxed lounging and people-watching.

Dealing with a really tiny lot? Design 890-2 would make an excellent in-law unit or primary residence for someone who wants to scale down. The layout presents a studio apartment with 320 square feet of space, including an open kitchen.

Keeping everything open makes limited space feel larger, especially if the eye gets drawn up by a vaulted ceiling. Consider how airy the interior of plan 497-22 feels, with the loft overlooking the living room.

Inspired by these ideas? Shop the plans below for similar looks, or call 1-800-913-2350 to speak with one of the Houseplans design experts about how to use your lot to its full potential.

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