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Craftsman Kitchens for Today

Craftsman Kitchens for Today
A kitchen by Sarah Susanka takes an Arts & Crafts approach in it
The Arts and Crafts Movement of the mid- to late-19th century in Great Britain (and a little later in the US with the rise of the Crafstman bungalow) was a reaction to the increasingly banal machine-made objects of the Victorian era. It celebrated simplicity, nature, and a return to handcraft and also drew inspiration from Japanese wood working traditions. The Craftsman approach remains popular today, especially in kitchens, and features abundant use of wood in cabinets, trim and built -ins and an emphasis on simple construction that expresses structure and features beautiful joinery.

Cabinets can be made from any hardwood but quarter-sawn oak is most often associated with Arts and Crafts kitchens. Cabinets are often stained and this draws attention to the beauty of the wood grain. For modern kitchens, however, many people prefer a lighter colored wood and often go with maple or cherry (red kitchen here is part of Plan 124-691).

Cabinets can also be painted and this is often done with muted colors: especially greens, browns and yellows. Different cabinet depths and combinations of drawers add interest. Open shelves and glass cabinet doors are often used as well. Sinks, countertops and flooring often contrast with the cabinet material. Look for the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association environmental ESP seal to be assured that the cabinets were made in an environmentally sustainable way.
Stainless steel, soapstone, and copper are common choices. Soapstone
Is naturally stain-resistant, non-porous and anti-bacterial and was often used in traditional Craftsman homes. It also handles heat well and you can put a hot pot directly on it. Copper has a beautiful patina and can be hand hammered -- a distinctly Craftsman effect. An apron sink,also know as a farm sink, is also typical.

Soapstone is often used for a countertop material also. Other countertop materials that work well include

granite, ceramic tile, marble -- as shown on the central island in Plan 481-6 by Bud Dietrich -- and slate.

They can be made from the countertop material but more often use ceramic tile, as shown here in a design for Plan 454-12 by Sarah Susanka.

Hand-painted, hand-molded tile is a common element in Arts & Craft kitchens and integral to the style. Many suppliers offer reproductions of
original styles. They often feature themes from nature.

It's often made from oil-rubbed bronze or antiqued
brass or copper. It should have a warm and rich patina, 

shown in these pulls from Crown City Hardware in Pasadena with its extensive supply of Craftsman strap hinges, cabinet pulls, door pulls, etc.

Craftsman style lighting usually features straight, geometric lines. Fixtures are often made of wood with art glass. Hand blown glass p
endants and sconces are also popular and come in a wide range of designs.
Paint and Wallapaper
The Craftsman palette features warm, muted colors often found in nature.

Think rust, olive green, warm yellows (as in this section of scenic wallpaper from Bradbury & Bradbury) and even muted blue colors.
Walls can be sponged to add a hand-made touch.

Stainless steel appliances work well as an understated contrast with the wood cabinets. Another option might be a restored gas stove from the 30s or 40s with rounded corners and enamel paint.
Layout and Nooks and Crannies
The original Craftsman kitchen had a very simple layout that focused on function with early built-ins and pass-throughs, especially in Craftsman bungalows. Today’s kitchen often features an island and if space, a breakfast nook. This is a perfect space for built in seating, which can be made of oak or other wood painted to match or contrast with other colors used in the kitchen. Like Craftsman homes, the Ctaftsman kitchen offers the comfort found in natural materials that have been worked by the human hand.

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