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House Plans With Pools

House Plans With Pools
A refreshing dip acquires new meaning in the case of this hot do
Sometimes just getting your feet wet makes all the difference in helping you stay cool on a hot day. That's what our dog Merlin does, as shown above. But if you're not satisfied with plopping your front paws into a cachepot,

how about beating the heat with a design that opens easily to a pool area, as Plan 496-1, above, does. Even a relatively narrow lot can often accommodate a small pool or lap pool. The one above occupies part of the side yard. Pools are often afterthoughts, but some of our plans show suggestions for ways to integrate a pool into an overall home design.

Pools can become focal points of courtyards or patios as shown here in Plan 548-16, where the pool

becomes a sort of liquid room off the lanai. The series of wide steps at one end add to the room-like

impression. The floor plan shows how the pool has been integrated into the overall design (though what was actually built takes a different shape), with pool deck and pool bath (near the summer kitchen) called out on the layout.

In Plan 449-2, the pool is inserted into the courtyard on a tight site, and becomes the focal point for the house.

Of course a pool can be placed a little farther away from the house, but remember that safety fencing is essential -- check on the regulations with your planning department.

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