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Kitchen & Bath Winners for 2015

Kitchen & Bath Winners for 2015
This kitchen won for practicality and the imaginative use of til
Our 2015 Design Awards jury included staff and Gale Steves, author of Right-Sizing Your Home; Katherine Salant, syndicated real estate columnist for The Washington Post; and Leslie Clagett, author of The City Home and blogger at They made the following Kitchen and Bath Awards.

THE KITCHEN WINNERPlan 901-1, by SketchPad Inc., shown at the top of this post, won for its very efficient layout around
the sink/buffet island and for the unified and stylish material palette emphasizing the contrast of warm wood floor and cool white marble counters and green tile backsplash. One juror admired the imaginative use of tile laid in a subway pattern around the housing for the ovens. Another praised the position and size of the walk-through pantry leading from the kitchen to the side entry. 

THE BATHROOM WINNER is the #1 Master Bath in Plan 892-8, by DesignHaus - David M. LiaBraaten. 

It combines a thoughtful arrangement -- double vanities in an ample counter across from the built-in  

tub and walk-in shower -- with sleek contemporary style. The mirrored backsplash covering the entire wall adds to the feeling of spaciousness. The sleek contemporary design feels like a spa without taking up a lot of extra square footage.
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