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New Deck & Patio Products

New Deck & Patio Products
This louvered canopy creates a flexible outdoor room for any bac
Several outdoor living products caught my eye at the recent American Institute of Architects convention in Philadelphia. These are worth considering as you think about building a house that takes advantage of summer weather for outdoor living.

Various louvered roof systems for shading a patio are now on the market, but a new introduction to the US by Renson, a company based in Belgium, offers unusual flexibility. Their electrically 

operated Camargue canopy system allows easy adjustment of the overhead blades from filtered sun to full shade, with optional LED lighting incorporated. When closed the blades form a tight seal and rainwater drains into gutters toward the columns. In addition, their "Windtight Fixscreen" system provides protection from sun, 
wind, rain, and insects. The screens extend from a rollers hidden within the frame for a seamless effect; another option is the inclusion of clear panels to maintain views, as shown in the image at the top of this post. 

The powder metal frame comes in a range of grays, while choices in screen fabric colors are wider, as shown here. There is a seven year guarantee on the screening (images courtesy Renson).
Another product that offers homeowners new possibilities for outdoor living spaces, not just near the ground
but also for roof decks, is the TileDeck paving system from Mbrico. It uses durable 7/8 inch-thick

porcelain stoneware tiles that click into 12 foot-long aluminum tracks fixed into round pedestals for quick and easy installation, as shown in the diagram. The slip-resistant tiles are 12-by-24 inches or 24-by-24 inches and come in 40 colors. The system is grout-free and the tiles are rated for over 2,200 lbs breakage load

and resistant to UV, mold, frost, insects, warp, and rot. And no sealer is required. Tile colors range

from natural stone as in the "Mashup" collection to the wood-like "Nau" collection -- both shown here (images courtesy Mbrico).

Now all you need are house plans with space for patios, terraces, or roof decks, like Plan 888-2

or one where there's a possible roof deck as in Plan 64-190. Here it's over the garage and 

helps shape a pool courtyard between the garage and the house proper.

For a collection of patio and courtyard plans click here.

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