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Search Plans By Rooms

Search Plans By Rooms
Searching by rooms allows you to see how a plan's key spaces --
The process of looking for the perfect house plan is both addictive and daunting: addictive because there's always one more design to explore on the next "click"; daunting because there are so many floor plans, house styles, and versions of must-have features. But now there is a new way to narrow the field: you can browse plans by key rooms -- i.e. by designs that have strong photos of, say, kitchens or master baths.

For example, if an island kitchen is one of your criteria, check out Kitchen Plans under the Rooms 

tab. You'll find Plan 497-46, above, among others, showing you how the kitchen in this design has been treated -- with the handsome eating counter in wood at one end of the island. Or if a more traditional

furniture look is more your taste, you'll find a sink island with well-turned legs in Plan 464-13. Thinking about

an island with an upper level that works as a buffet counter and that can hide kitchen clutter on the sink level below? Plan 454-12, which has been built, shows how such a kitchen might look.
Browse Master Baths to see a wide variety of treatments for this essential space, as in Plan 454-46

where the classic freestanding tub contrasts with the modern mosaic tile wall behind it for a

sumptuous look. Plan 420-172 shows a master bath with a sunken tub and a window wall of sandblasted glass -- for privacy. Similarly, browse Family Rooms and Great Rooms and you'll find examples

for how to make these multi-tasking spaces for living, dining, and cooking work well, such as Plan 453-50, above

or Plan 48-625, here, where the great room includes the kitchen and opens to the barbecue porch.

Save the rooms that inspire you. Every plan can be modified to suit your needs. For more information on customizing a plan click here.

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