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Side-Facing Garage Plans

January 29, 2014
Dan Gregory
Hidden 2-car garage on the right side of this Country/Colonial m
It's clear from our own survey of plans sold recently that side-facing garages are an increasingly popular

feature. Plan 929-11 is shown above, at the top of this post, and here.

Front-facing garages used to be standard in new developments. But a reaction against car-dominated, traffic-snarled streetscapes developed. In the 1980s the second home community of Seaside, Florida, by architect-planners Andres Duany and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk, shown below, helped popularize so-called 

New Urbanist design principles, among which was the positioning of garages on the side or off alleys at the rear to make the street at the front of the house a more pedestrian-friendly environment.

New communities designed along these lines have appeared all across the US. The Wellington Neighborhood in Breckenridge, Colorado designed by Wolff Lyon Architects in the early 2000s, shown here

is a good example. The architect's explain that it's organized around a series of "well defined center greens." Automobile access is off small alleys at the back. I toured the development some years ago and I was very impressed.

At you can search by Side-entry Garages. Among the results will be many designs like  

Plan 137-188, shown here. These plans would suit a New Urbanist neighborhood as well as an infill corner lot in a traditional older community.