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Urban Farmhouse with rental unit in Austin

Urban Farmhouse with rental unit in Austin
This new farmhouse was built on an infill lot in East Austin.
Austin, Texas is experiencing growth in what can be called the Farmhouse Modern style of building. Here's an example, from staffer Courtney Pittman, who lives in Austin.

Post and Photos by Courtney Pittman

East Austin is an eclectic neighborhood less than a mile from downtown that is attracting many new residents. Known for its ample amount of local restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and bike friendly streets, people can't help but fall in love with its hip vibes. Bethany Ferguson, who owns Zenwell Spa, was one of them.

Bethany originally lived in a condo in downtown Austin, but had her eye on the Eastside. When her grandparents passed away, they left her beautiful pieces from their farmhouse: chairs, pots, plates, and this unusual hutch/cabinet.

These pieces inspired her to keep the farmhouse tradition alive and build her own - with a modern twist. She found an empty lot in East Austin and made her dream a reality by designing her new home. The home that had previously occupied the lot had two front doors and a separate cottage in the back. Sticking with that concept, the home she designed has two front doors, one to her home, the other to an Airbnb that she rents out. See the front of her new house at the top of this post.

She also also built a two story modern compound unit in the backyard where the bottom half is used as her office and the top is a small apartment rented out to a tenant. 

During SXSW (South by Southwest music festival) the entire home is rented out by companies for private parties and live tapings of bands performing on the stage in her backyard. According to Bethany: "The set-up is totally acoustic and people quiet down and listen. They bring a chair or sit on the grass." The yard is definitely set-up like an intimate music venue. You can see the stage perfectly from any angle of the yard. It's also great for the music she hosts every third Sunday!

The kitchen is a mix of modern and farmhouse styles organized around a sturdy table on casters and opens to the dining room. Plate holders and the under-sink skirt hiding pipes and waste bins add rustic farmhouse touches to what is also a very modern kitchen.

This three bed, two bath modern farmhouse in the heart of East Austin is a sight to see. Tastefully designed with a cozy feeling and modern touch, it lives up to her roots and the sweet inspiration her grandparents left behind for her.

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