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Wedding Patio Plans

Wedding Patio Plans
Discover these wedding patio house plans and designs.
June is the time for graduations and often, for weddings -- so here is a collection of house plans that allow for easy outdoor entertaining. I looked for plans with outdoor rooms that exude a sense of ceremony, and that might encourage everyone to say "I do."

The backyard terrace and porch of Plan 892-15, above and at the top of this post, provide sheltered gathering spots at the center of the house. Depending on the orientation of the house and the time of day (you don't want everyone facing into the sun) you could arrange the wedding chairs to face the house, or away from the house to face the fire pit.

Plan 930-19, below, offers multiple areas to sit  -- in shade or sun, or just under the stars. There is also

a spot for a simple freestanding arbor/trellis - like a Japanese torii -- that would work well as an altar.

Courtyard designs, like Plan 431-10, above, put the outdoor room at the center of everything, and if the house is two stories, an upper level balcony or deck can add a little theatricality. For example, Plan 449-1, below, includes a circular stair at one

end: the graduate -- or happy couple -- could descend to the cheering crowd assembled on the lawn. On a tight lot the central courtyard might include a pool, as in Modern Plan 64-190, with enough room around it for guests

to assemble. And the balcony on one side and the roof deck over the garage on the other side offer good spots to launch the bouquet!

If large enough, a shady porch can become a ceremonial outdoor dining room. The porch here in Craftsman Plan 124-988 is off the great room so guests, and food and drink, can move outside with ease. This porch wraps around three sides.

A built-in bbq counter or sink helps organize an entertaining space. Plan 892-15 offers flexibility, with

expansive covered and uncovered areas and the bbq center at one end, conveniently located just off the kitchen.

The important thing is to think, er, plan ahead! Your new house should be able to rise to any occasion!

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