Bargain Home Products at Habitat for Humanity's Restores

January 1, 2017
David Jacknin
Bargain Home Products at Habitat for Humanity's Restores
ReStore warehouses like this one in Oakland offer an ever-changi
Habitat for Humanity’s ReStores are a win-win for the environment and for you. The "H for H" idea is to strengthen communities by helping low income families own their own homes and by helping others in need with critical repairs on their homes. Since 1976 they have helped more than 4 million people construct, rehabilitate, or preserve more than 800,000 homes. The organization's ReStores are a big part of this mission: a place where contractors, home centers, and individuals donate left over building materials, doors, windows, hardware, appliances and home furnishings. You can find these home improvement materials at a significant discount, saving money while helping Habitat with its mission. The more than 900 ReStores throughout the U.S. and Canada are locally run and locally sourced, and stock much of the material used in the construction of the average home.

I recently visited the Oakland, California ReStore and found a wide range of new and used materials on sale at very good prices. There were doors, windows, paint, flooring, nails, screws, hinges, locks, plumbing,

electrical, appliances such as the range shown above, furniture and much, much more. Some of the other interesting items I found included: two Velux 2’ X 4’ skylights, a range of entry locks from Stone Harbor Hardware, new sinks from Water Concepts in a variety of

sizes, and this well-crafted 7’ X 3’ 4” kitchen island. A careful shopper can take advantage of many cost savings while keeping these materials out of the landfill. With proceeds from the three ReStores in the San Francisco Bay Area, Habitat has been able to build 38 new homes and help many individuals with critical repairs to their homes.

One of Habitat’s most environmentally beneficial programs is their Paint Recycling Program. Leftover paint is sent to Habitat's regional plants where contaminants are removed, the paint is reformulated and mixed into a range of interior and exterior colors as well as primer. It is then sent to local ReStores for resale in 1 gallon

and 5 gallon containers. The paint, branded “Recolor,” is made from 99.5% recycled paint and is suitable for painting your entire house. This program keeps highly toxic paint out of landfills and is a low cost way to meet your paint needs.

You can also donate materials left over from your own building project. Whether you are buying or donating, you are giving back to families in need as well as helping the environment.
All photos courtesy Habitat for Humanity ReStores.